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Sophie Grégoire – Trudeau Has the Reason to Be Supported Recently, Sophie Grégoire – Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, made few comments which created a heated issue in Canada. As it is been widely reported, in her interview with French-language newspaper, Le Soleil, Grégoire- Trudeau said “I would like to be everywhere, but I cannot. I have three children a husband who is prime minister. I need help. I need team to help serve the team.” Her comments triggered an argument whether she needs help or not. The public’s arguments are polar opposites with many critics arguing that Canada has no official role for the spouse of the prime minister. Even though Grégoire -Trudeau does not have an official title, she is already playing a public role with more demands coming her way and should be awarded more staff. There are three primary reasons for point of view: public appearances, playing a public role, and involved in political life.
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However, she is not asking for personal but for administrative help with public appearances. The public should distinguish between personal and public. She deserves to be supported what she wants, since she is requested as an official role from the public. According to Payton. L of CTV News (2016) Grégoire -Trudeau has received a flood of requests and “[S]he participates in official events and international visits with the Prime Minister.” As the above mentioned quote illustrates GT’s schedule is busy and she needs help due to coping with it. As such, it is reasonable that taxpayers should offer her extra

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