Pros And Cons Of Space Exploration

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Is space exploration really a waste of resources? Researchers have debated over this for many years. Do we know if the equipment is really worth the use for space, or can we use it for better purposes? The resources can be turned into better uses for more relevant causes. Space exploration is a waste of resources that imply lost lives, costs, and failure when the resources should be used for issues happening in our world. There are many reasons why space exploration is not needed. First, all of the equipment and resources cost way too much for us to spend. (Space). At this time and day in global austerity, people are working on taking care of how they spend their money. (Farrell). Spending money on resources can mess their way of saving money up. Space programs along with space agencies are very expensive. (Space). All of this money (spent on exploring) and brain knowledge can be used for accomplishing more relevant issues for us. (Space). Humans are not used much for space exploration in these days because of all the new technology discovered like robots, so much money is not needed for sending humans. (Hiltzik). You can take the same amount of money spend on equipment for space and use it for making new equipment for computers in hospitals to research new diseases or health issues. (Hiltzik). Second, there have been many failed attempts that cost people their lives when going to space. (Space). Keeping space explorers at home will result in less deaths

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