Pros And Cons Of Sparta

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Sparta was abusive to children, and any society that abuses its citizens shouldn’t last, and Sparta didn’t. Sparta was a Greek city-state whose sole purpose was military strength. While Sparta lasted for 300 years, any strong society would last longer. They also abused their slaves and killed them with no warning. The weaknesses weighed Sparta down, so here are some of those weaknesses. Sparta lacked in education, they were too harsh on the children in military training, and the Spartans didn’t allow traveling. To begin with Sparta completely discarded all advanced education. In document A it states,”Only the rudiments of reading and writing were taught”. This unacceptable, because for a civilization to flourish they need to be both smart and strong. Sparta needs to balance their military and education better. For example, Spartans were not allowed to read books or treatises. Furthermore, they could not write or perform plays and they could not travel. All of these experiences are educational, but since the Spartans were not allowed to learn about these they had done themselves a disservice. Sparta, as a society, was abusive to children. In document D it states,”The boys of Sparta were lashed with whips at the altar of Artemis Orthia, frequently to the…show more content…
Sparta disallowed travelling and this has no purpose whatsoever. In document D it says,”It was not allowed for them to go abroad, so they should have nothing to do with foreign ways and undisciplined modes of living.” This is an extraordinarily weak law. That’s because Sparta couldn’t acquire knowledge from others and they couldn’t trade. Since Sparta didn’t allow travelling they couldn’t trade knowledge with other Greek city-states and this could’ve been very valuable to Sparta. This proves that Sparta is stuck up; and being stuck up is an ignorant thing to be. Learning from others would have helped Sparta in other ways. These are, getting smarter and learning new
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