Pros And Cons Of Speaking Debate

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sounds and sound pattern, select appropriate words and sentences according to the proper social setting, can organize the thoughts in meaningful and logical sequence, use the language quickly and cofidently with few unnatural pauses such as fluency, understanding of content and to overcome the problem in learning. Debate in the speaking class is a collaborative technique which can activate the students in teaching learning process in speaking class. The writer better understanding of the basic elements of speaking. By understanding the basic elements of speaking, can improve the ability in speaking. Most of the students involved actively in the activities since they had much time to talk with their friends in team. They did much activity which was different from the previous semester. Most of students took part actively in speaking in team. Many students realized that there were chances in their speaking habit. Of course, it was very good for speaking class. The writer and most of other students practiced actively in speaking instead of keeping silent as did during this times. This situation much influenced by speaking ability.
Agreeing with other students when the interview is a student named Fitri said that the debate could improve speaking ability because it requires students to express their
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Six, the improvement on appreciation for diversity and develop tolerance for other viewpoints. When debating the writer and other student can exchange ideas put forward arguments in the case and the issues related to maintaining our argument. In the debate there are two groups: the pros and cons. So for the time put forward argument can speak alternately. From this we can appreciate the opponents ' arguments. So when the debate can interact with the team and also other team. Besides that, the debate in the speaking class could build a relationship with friends in team or other teams. , the evidence was admitted by one of student the name is Nurul, she said that

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