Pros And Cons Of Sports Scholarships

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Sports scholarships can help students who can't afford to go to college, get a better education. Sports scholarships are for students who excel in a sport, and a college will give the student money to play their sport at their college. This is amazing for students but there are various downsides. Sometimes the scholarship can be a hindrance for the student causing them not to reach their academic potential. Sports scholarships are also rare and can be a false hope for families not able to afford college. Some people like Ralph Nader, a famous politician, and a presidential candidate. Thinks that we should get rid of sports scholarships. What are the benefits of sports scholarships.? What are the disadvantages of sports scholarships? College is not for everyone. Some people don't…show more content…
Ralph Nader was a presidential candidate and is a member of the League Of Fans. League of fans is a sport reform project founded by Ralph Nader. Sports scholarships is a controversial issue with many pros and cons. Take a step back and look at how sports have changed. You’ll see “An entire industry that has developed in the youth sports arena -- club teams, personal trainers, etc. -- to prey on families' dreams of an athletic scholarship," (Ralph Nader). In our own town, this is apparent. There's plenty of athletic kids who have their own personal trainer, who train so they can make it big in sports. The lure of athletic scholarship can be harmful due to kids training their whole life and then not receiving one can cause toxic and harmful behaviors in kids and adults. According to CNBC, when parents dream of being an athlete is pushed onto their children, this can create a serious problem in kids. They say that the parents constantly forcing children to be the best and become “D1 bound” and the child not succeeding in getting a sports scholarship, can cause depression, and even suicidal thoughts. Even with a sports scholarship, how is life in college with
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