Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing

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Standardized testing is something very familiar to anyone and everyone who has experienced public education since 1926. Teachers hate it, students loathe it, and test makers just get paid for it. A student 's ACT and/or SAT scores are often the deciding factor in which a student is accepted into a college or not. It can also decide how much scholarship money the student will receive if any. According to The Washington Post, lost learning time, loss or curiosity and love of learning, harmful stress, and altered school culture are just some of the negative by-products of these standardized tests. Personally, I can agree whole-heartedly, seeing as I have testing anxiety and have also been a part of a public-school system for my whole life. Standardized testing puts pressure on even the best students. Degrading and demanding tests such as these should be abolished due to the stress it puts on students, inaccurate success measurement, and critical post-test self judgement.
Anika Manzoor, an editor of Magoosh, an SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test) and ACT prep website, counted the pros and cons of the SAT and found remarkable results. To summarize, the cons of the SAT are that it is not a strong predictor of success in college, there is too much importance placed on the SAT, there are race and class biases with the Sat, the test pep requires money, energy, and time, and the takeaway from your score is not always beneficial. The pros were that it is a learnable test, the SAT can
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