Why We Need Stricter Gun Control Laws

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Imagine a country where parents sending their kids off to school don 't have to worry about armed man coming into the school and shooting the kids and teachers. Or you 're a woman walking down the streets alone at night and you don 't have to think about someone coming up behind you with a gun. When going to a concert you don 't have that haunting thought in your head that something bad might happen. Gun control can help make this dream a reality. Recently there has been a drastic increase in the amount of murders by the use of a firearm, most likely because we are making them easy to get. We give these powerful guns to just about anyone and everyone. There have been many incidents of kids bring guns and shooting their schools and people gunning down concerts with hundreds of people there. They are allowed in our country for sport, but are being used for destruction. By allowing powerful guns to our citizens we are allowing them to commit these mass murders. Some people argue that they are used for self-protection and having fun going to shooting ranges and hunting, but these fun things aren 't worth the price of human life. Having stricter gun control laws can save the lives of many Americans. We should adopt stricter gun laws in the U.S. to stop these unnecessary deaths. To begin, there have been many mass murder that have occured during these last few years, and the numbers are just increasing. In…show more content…
The government doesn 't have to completely ban them, but just making it harder to get them, having deeper background checks, drug and mental test, like in Japan, would help a lot. The dream of being free from the fear that guns inflict can become a reality if we work towards it. Vote in upcoming elections for people who also believe in the more gun control and join in on peaceful protests no matter how big or small. Eventually we will gain the government 's

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