Essay On Stricter Gun Laws

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The United States should not add stricter gun laws because Guns are used to protect people,guns are used for hunting,and the guns are not the problem the people using them are the problem. If guns were in the right hands then there would be no reason to ban them. The United States should not add stricter gun laws because gun are used to protect other people. People use guns to protect themselves from bad people trying to kill them. As an example, someone walks into someones house and tries to kill that person, if there are stricter gun laws then you might not be able to shoot back at them. Also guns should not have stricter laws because they are used for hunting. There are thousands of hunters across the United States that would be very upset…show more content…
Sometimes people carrying a gun or handling a gun might not have enough knowledge to use the firearm or even know how to carry it. Also some people might have stuff running through their head while holding the weapon which makes it very dangerous for the people around that very. Most of school shootings,the shooter has had a rough life or has been depressed so this will make them have different thoughts which can turn into harming other people. Also, if there were stricter laws on the people using the gun and not just the gun then most of the school shootings that have happened in the passed years would have never happened since the people should not have the gun because they are not stable enough. Secondly,most people even if they can not get a gun they will easily just steal it. Banning guns will not do anything except make people steal more to get a gun which will just cause more problems. Also making stricter gun laws will also include police officers which will give them a disadvantage if they have no gun or have new rules while using the weapon. Therefore if the government were blaming the people using the guns more than the guns,there would be less school shootings since most of them have depression or a disability of some sort. If those people could get help before they take action then maybe the actions they are thinking about doing would not
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