Studying Abroad Analysis

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Korea society does not view the studying abroad with positive perspective. My parents had the same stance. People tend to think that studying abroad is a way to escape from the harsh reality in Korea. But I think studying abroad is much more challenging than studying in Korea. Some of material can be different from head to toe, but both in Korea and USA students study pretty much the same materials; the only difference is with what language they are studying. I persuaded my parents by telling them some reasons why I have to go abroad. I thought that this was the time to have the spirit of independence; I had been relying on my family too often. I wanted to study English in USA where everyone speaks English. I wanted to know the difference between two cultures. I wanted to…show more content…
However it wasn’t easy. It was hard for me to live with roommate and share the small room. It was difficult for me to follow the dorm rules which were strict. To be frank, I expected freer dorm life. I didn’t understand that school wants me to do well on school work and tests yet dorm students have a light out at 11 at night. It would’ve been a conflict for me if teacher hadn’t let me study more after light out because I didn’t have enough time to finish my work, especially during the exam weeks. Although I moved to America because I wanted to challenge variety of things that I cannot do in Korea as a student, I had some time when I wanted to do just study. I hated the time when there was mandatory trip to somewhere with dormers. I hated the time when school I had sports game in exam weeks. But I realized that my score is not determined by how many days I studied for the exams. So after seeing that there was no big difference, I tried to enjoy myself on the special occasion and stop worry about not studying. Living at school as a dormer, I experienced both benefits and disadvantages. Dormers have so many restrictions unlike day
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