Pros And Cons Of Study Alone

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In education, we almost meet much student what they do to be the best in class or school. From reading the lesson book, pay attention to the teacher teach, and study hard they do to be the best and get reward from school. But, we come back our memories to school. When you in exam day, maybe tomorrow or one week again or whenever is it, you must be study hard. You don’t care until when you finish the study, the important from your target is get the good mark and pass the test. After that, you laugh or whatever you do to celebrate your successful. But, talking successful in school, much student do something like study with alone or study together with their group. Some student maybe prefer to study with alone because no noise, can understand what they read, and so on. But, some student also
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Study alone is when you want study in other place and do you want the place is quite and calm. Right? Maybe, some student like this situation. Especially, the student who have exam tomorrow and they must study hard to pass that test and get a good mark. In my life, I always do this if I have exam. Just study alone and try to understand what I read. Can you imagine what I do? It’s so hard for me if I don’t understand what I read and when exam, I don’t know what I must do. Not only me, all student feel what I do. When they don’t understand what they read, they don’t who to ask. Not only that, if you have homework or assignment, and you don’t understand what the trick to solve or finish that assignment or homework, maybe you so mad. And many more what the problem you can see and can you translate with your mind. But, advantage from study alone is you can enjoy the situation when the situation is qalm and quiet. And, what assignment or homework give, you can finish with quickly. There are many more to tell about advantage and disadvantage about that. In generaly, there are who me and other student feel in
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