Pros And Cons Of Sulfide Mining

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Sulfide Mining should be rejected
Sulfide mining has a bad effect on both the economy and the environment. Sulfide mining is the process of removing copper, nickel, and other metals from sulfide ores. Minnesota 's traditional iron ore mining and sulfide mining are two very different types of mining. Sulfide mining has more environmental risks than Minnesota 's traditional iron ore mining. AMD (Acid Mine Drainage) is created from sulfuric acid. It 's created when sulfuric acid makes contact with metals and other chemicals from the disposal site and then it creates AMD. Amd does many terrifying things to the environment like, it contaminates lakes, rivers, ponds, and other bodies of water. It also harms human health, fish, wildlife, and it also damages the entire ecosystem. Even the economy gets affected from sulfide mining. Sulfide mining shouldn 't be allowed in Northern Minnesota.
Sulfide mining should be prohibited
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It would have an impact on the economy. The U.S. Forest Service has estimated that the Superior National Forest contributes $500 million to the regional economy each year, of which $100 million is attributed to the Boundary Waters. Around 2009, Northeastern Minnesota tourism has provided approximately 18,000 jobs and $800 million in revenue. In 2012, tourism has provided 12% of northeastern Minnesota jobs Mining provided only 3.3%. Bankruptcy is very common among mining companies. Local businesses would be destroyed, if sulfide mining would be allowed in their region. Taxpayers would pay millions to clean up the waste from the sulfide mining.
Water is always contaminated because of mining industries. There has never been a sulfide mine that hasn’t polluted nearby water resources.There never was a metallic sulfide mine that hasn’t polluted its watershed. While, the water is contaminated humans, animals, and plants would be ill. If they drink that contaminated water for awhile they could end up
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