Pros And Cons Of Super Max Prisons

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Super Max prisons are harsh and rigid. They house individuals who have been convicted of some of the worst, most violent, and most heinous crimes which shock the conscience. Individuals who are incarcerated in Super Max prisons are confined solitarily on a basis of 23/7. For 23 hours per day, 7 days per week they are confined solely to themselves in a small cell with little to no view of the outside world, and only receive one hour per day of recreational time which allows them to exit their cells (Tapley, 2012). Furthermore, this type of confinement is extremely difficult on the mental health of individuals (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). It causes difficulty with reintegration into society after release as well as a disdain and usually stronger …show more content…

One needs to know, understand, and truly agree that the offense(s) committed which placed them there are not acceptable in society, and are inherently wrong. True and legitimate contrition must be required. Moreover, behavior while incarcerated should be well above average. For example, absolutely no prison disturbances, riots, or bad interactions with prison staff ought to be strictly held as a standard. I think that proof of remorse or contrition should be required in some way, as well as a legitimate attempt at self-rehabilitation, such as furtherance of education, perhaps spirituality, kindness, honesty, and overactive compliance.Super Max prisons house the worst of the worst, those inmates who are prone to violence and or escape, and those inmates who cannot peacefully coinhabit congregate style prisons (Schmalleger & Smykla, 2015). The inmates who are confined in Super Max prisons are those who were convicted of some sort of especially heinous crime or have attempted, or been successful in escape, inciting fatal riots, or offenses similar. Super Max prisons are also known as Administrative Control Units, Special Handling Units, or Control Handling Units and are standalone housing units inside an already existing prison (Ross, 2007), or in the case of federal prisons, can be an entirely separate prison …show more content…

Super Max facilities focus more on the punishment side of incarceration than rehabilitation, generally. Some regard Super Max prisons as torture which is forbidden by the Eighth Amendment, because of the harsh conditions of solitary confinement, the forceful and aggressive means by which the guards and prison staff must conduct their time with inmates, and the mental stress that comes with the hopelessness of being confined in a small cell with no communication and one hour per day of exercise (Tapley, 2010). There is little to no means of a release of the tension or anxiety that is built up within the inmates of a Super Max prison. When these individuals are released they are expected to integrate back into society, yet they have been institutionalized by the severity of their confinement. It is an easy an easy avenue for

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