What Are The Pros And Cons Of Surveillance Cameras Important

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In my opinion, security cameras aren 't the way to make a society more save.
Although it 's true what they say in the text “After Boston: The pros and cons of surveillance cameras“ about the cameras being a less intruding way of securing a public space or office, or even a store, they don 't prevent any crime from happening, never have and never will.
Surely, as technology advances, the ways to evaluate the collected data improve and less man hours are needed to look for suspects after a crime had happened. But relying on watching everyone at any given time and place might as well result in a state where everyone is a suspect to crime, unless proven innocent. If the collected data gets into the wrong hands – which can happen either by failing democracy that
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I 'm not saying everyone needs to have exactly as much as everyone else, but if people would have an easier access to education and thus could build up a live for themselves in which they have just enough, nobody would need to commit crimes anymore. This is of course a task that can 't be performed as quick and easy as just installing more cameras everywhere, so the society itself would have to commit to working out its inner problems.
On the other hand, if every action ever done by anyone, be it in the real world or on the internet, would be public and free for everyone to see, this might result in people thinking before acting and refusing to commit crimes. It would make society more equal, but might enhance self-righteous justice and people forming mobs to lynch someone. In turn however, those actions would also be public, so it 's a possibility that everyone might calm down and just mind their own

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