Essay On Suspend Children

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Is suspending a child really the best thing to do when they get in trouble? How can they really be educated from not being able to go to school for a few days? Will suspending kids better their choices in the near future? When schools suspend children, what good is it really doing? You would think it’s helping with their situation, that it’s changing their perspective while helping them find ways it could have been solved, but some kids don’t think of the solution in the blink of an eye. When kids get suspended, all they’re thinking about is a few days off from school. But not anymore, even though some kids may rethink the dilemma they had gotten themselves into, most of the times that’s not the case. Here are a few things that happen when we suspend kids, and a few things that would be helpful instead of suspending these children. When children are suspended over and over, they are most likely to drop out. This reason being; because according to administrators, kids who get suspended, are three times more likely to drop out than students who don’t. Although the kids who get suspended must have some valid reason as to why…show more content…
Children who have been suspended are mainly the kids who have lower grades than others, those kids that struggle are the ones that aren’t necessarily getting as much support as they need. In addition to the cause, the problem is that when the child wasn’t suspended and buried in guilt, there was less violence. The kids who are being labeled as “delinquents” are the ones who really need our assistants. Still, there will be people who only think the world is an unpleasant place and only bring out horrendous things in this earth, But like everyone else, they need support and attention, they need to feel wanted, because all of this is based off of our society and how we treat others, and the saying “be kind to others and they will be kind to you” is very
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