Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Drugs

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The pros of synthetic drug production:

Most of the time it takes less time to make synthetic drugs than normal drugs (cancerquest)
Synthetic drugs nearly always cost less (cancerquest)
Many things are added to synthetic drugs, and at times can be less addictive than others. (Light House Recovery Institute)
This leads to more production of painkillers, because synthetic drugs are are also being made, and it is not only in the U.S. (cancerquest)
Most painkillers will cost less because it is being produced in an easier matter, in Synthetic drugs. This is good because everyone will be able to afford it, and not only the rich people. (Light House Recovery Institute)

The cons of synthetic drug production:

Synthetic drugs are unpredictable, because you never know what exact chemicals are put, because there are many ways to make an artificial drug. (Synthetic Drugs)
The normal medicine synthetic drugs have less healing effects like normal medicine that is sold. (cancerquest)
Nearly all synthetic drugs cause a lot of overwhelming side effects, and most of the time worse than normal illegal drugs. (cancerquest)

Fake marijuana like: spice, k2, mojo, and g-four are all types of synthetic drugs that have not been tested and can have unknown dangers. These drugs can cause symptoms like: Anxiety, Nausea, confusion, and paranoia. (Synthetic Drugs)
Bath salts which are synthetic drugs can symptoms like: Severe Paranoia, seizures, violent behaviour, hallucinations, and chest pain. Bath

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