Pros And Cons Of Synthetic Fibres

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It can be said that natural fibres has less of an effect on the earth and the economy than synthetic fibres, however there are pros and cons to everything. We look at natural fibres as being more natural and safer, we see it as making less of an effect on the earth and the economy and we see it as reducing our carbon foot print, however we often miss steps. We don’t look at what has to be done in order to get that product from the raw materials to the final product. There are pros and cons to both synthetic fibres and natural fibres. It can be said that both synthetic and natural fibres has a negative effect on both the earth and the economy. What influence does natural fibres have on the economy and natural environment.

Natural fibres are fibres that are derived from plants, example cotton. Synthetic fibres are fibres are fibre created from natural materials or by chemical processes. With natural fibres are greatly broadened substances produced by plants and animals that can be made into filaments, thread or rope. Woven, knitted, matted or bonded, they form fabrics that are needed to society.

The issue we are dealing with is major, often us as people don’t pay attention wo what affect we have on our environment and the world we live in. we become selfish where money is involved. We often thing that when the word “natural” is a said we automatically think that there is no harm to the earth and that its all natural, however that’s not true. We look at natural fibres which
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