Pros And Cons Of Syrian Refugees

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Given the increasing recruitment for terrorist organizations and the genocide occurring in Syria, the question as to how Canada can help is being thoroughly debated. Justin Trudeau came into power with firm beliefs regarding how to best help the Syrian refugee crisis occurring overseas. “He said if elected, the Liberals would bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada.” ( Trudeau’s nonmilitary approach demonstrates his absolute desire to do what is best for the refugees in Syria. This being said, the Liberal government has faced significant legal, financial, and social struggles. Given the stereotypes that surround terrorism, many people are afraid to allow syrian refugees into Canada due to the slight possibility they may be connected to ISIS or another terrorist organization; however, the truth is that less than one percent of the Muslim population are extremists. This emphasizes the flawed view that so many Canadians have.…show more content…
As mentioned prior, the goal of ISIS and other terrorist groups is to impose their beliefs on everyone else, and they do so through violent extremist activities. If we prevent refugees from entering Canada, we are forcing them to endure the torturous living conditions that are occurring and ultimately risk their lives. This is allowing the extremist groups to succeed in their goal of imposing their beliefs on everyone whose faith does not lie directly parallel with their own. In my opinion, it is our responsibility to assist refugees in finding contentment in Canada. Tim Mulcair states, “The international community has failed. Canada has failed,” (http://www.t which emphasizes that we are not doing enough to aid in the Syrian refugee crisis. The current policy for refugees to come to Canada

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