Pros And Cons Of Teacher Evaluation

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activities / policy (Hatfield &Coyle 2013). However, in many ways teachers’ performance can be appraised. But most commonly used method is evaluating by students. Though there are some debates on the validity of students’ teacher evaluation but still it is used in many universities. Doyle (1983), and Centra (1993) state that students’ ratings should be only one of several forms of evaluation used to shed light on teaching effectiveness. Peer review, self evaluation, teaching portfolios and student achievement as examples should also be used ( Dargahi & Mohammadzadeh 2013). Self assessment of faculty is another method (Avi-Itzhak, Rahnema,Jennings, Kroll 1982, 2003). Azizi et al., proposed that self assessment is the best method for teachers’ evaluation and the argument in favor of it, he presents that when faculty members evaluate themselves they are responsible for their own level of performance and further if there are some deficits in their teaching method, they could correct or improve their own performance (Saif, 2004).

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