Pros And Cons Of Technology Addiction

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Nomophobia. According to Dale Archer, the fear of being without technology affects 40% of the population. Technology addiction is a modern day problem involving the inability to control technology usage. In today’s society, individuals use technology on a daily basis. Education purposes, morning alarms, and social media are only three examples of how technology affects society. Due to the high exposure of technology, it is easy to become addicted to using the internet. It is the most universal form of technology and everyone, for the most part, has access to the internet. Technology addiction has harmful effects on human interaction and health; however, there are two solutions to this new age problem. One proposal is to limit the usage in daily life while another is to provide therapy to those afflicted. Technology addiction causes a decline in social human interaction. Technology has made human interactions more difficult. Individuals rely on their mobile devices to communicate with others, even if they are in close proximity to each other. From a recent survey mentioned by Kathy Pretz, nearly 60% of people admitted to being addicted to their devices. There are advantages to the internet such that it provides people with means of social communication; however it is slowly ruining the quality of human interaction. On average, people spend twenty five hours per week online and they check their phones two hundred times a day (Pretz). According to Farai Chideya, limbic

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