Pros And Cons Of Technology

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In this era of modernization and urbanization ,technology has plays a primary and dominant role in our life. The technology can be seen or heard anywhere and anytime. Technology this phase is wide and anyone has its own understanding about technology. Technology is a knowledge, it helps to improve and enhance human’s life. We can describes technology as a product and material tools. Technology increase our productive force and abilities. We cannot live without technology and technology is the key of develop a new territory that human still cannot reach. Technology is around our life as some gadget such as, smartphone ,computer , laptop. According the research conducted by Star Newspaper, sixty percent of resident of Malaysia has been affected by technology on creativity and communication. To discuss the topic given, we need to look at the pros and cons. Everything in this world created by god with plus and minus. So, technology created by human being for sure will has it’s own setback. I am strongly agree the topic given, as the preliminary starter, the first point I would like to highlight is too dependable to technology reduce our thinking skills. This is due to the reason that modern people tent to use technology to eradicate problem. For examples, they could search on Internet the way of solving problem. Accordingly , they will less thinking because keep finding the ways on Internet , they will become the people who cannot eliminate problem if without those
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