Technology's Effects On The Medical Industry

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When I was younger, technology was just getting started, and everyone was walking around with their flip phones and recording music off the radio stations to put as their ring tone. However, today we had upgraded to touchscreen phones, iPad and laptops, which make it easier to download your favorite hits. Beside the music, technology had allow us to connect with people around the world. Technology had open our eyes to a lot of stuff. Surely, technology had advanced over the last century, but has its pros and cons. To kick this off, technology has allow us to connect with our friends and families around the world. Back in the days, we used to write letters to our loved ones and that used to take century before you could hear from them. However,…show more content…
For one thing, technology allow us to conducted research on the human body. Moreover, we have big machines that allows us to view the anatomy of the human body. For example, they have the sonography to view your baby that is going in your adnominal and we also have the x-ray to view any fracture in your bone. Also, we could use technology to find cure of cancer, which could help many people in this world that suffer from this nasty, ugly disease. Of course as time passed we will find the cure for many ugly disease that are taking our loves ones away from us. Not to mention, we could transplant living organ into someone that a live because of technology we could keep track of their heart beats, blood pressure and is there something wrong with the patient. At the same time, technology could have negative effect to our health. Due to, watching too much television could cause us a lot of health problems. Like, we could gain massive weight from seating on that soft sofa of yours and enjoy the wonderful thing technology had open our eyes to. It this in mind we could have heart disease, obesity , high blood pressure, and even cancer from using too much technology which give off a lot of radiation , which could cause a lot of problem with your health, if u are exposed to much of it. As long, we take some time from our technology we could have a long life to live. As shown above technology could save your life or destroy

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