Pros And Cons Of Technology

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When I was younger, technology was just getting started, and everyone was walking around with their flip phones and recording music off the radio stations to put as their ring tone. However, today we had upgraded to touchscreen phones, iPad and laptops, which make it easier to download your favorite hits. Beside the music, technology had allow us to connect with people around the world. Technology had open our eyes to a lot of stuff. Surely, technology had advanced over the last century, but has its pros and cons. To kick this off, technology has allow us to connect with our friends and families around the world. Back in the days, we used to write letters to our loved ones and that used to take century before you could hear from them. However, technology had advance so much that we could send e-mail, text messages or video chat with our loved ones. As a result, we don’t have to wait for a long period of time to get a response from our friends or families. Not to mention, they invent social media like Facebook, snapchat, and many more, which we could use meet new people from around the world without leaving our comfort of our house. In other words, we could be friends with someone from Africa or England. On the contrary, we could also meet rapist and other bad people from talking to someone we don’t really know in real life. Altogether, technology had help stay in touch with our friends and help us make new friends. Furthermore, technology had help education take a
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