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In today’s modern world teenage pregnancy has become a bigger issue in the economy. Unsafe sex leads to teen pregnancy which force minors to become parents with full guardianship and responsibilities over their child. Most minors have to leave their education to work full time to care for their children. It is often argued that pre-marital sex is immoral and illegal among minors. They indulge into marriage with the peer that impregnated them. Minors indulge in adult pleasures therefore they have to behave like adults and take full responsibility for their actions. The age of majority in South Africa is 18 years of age. Before you turn 18 you are still considered a child. However, a child is able to legally perform certain acts and enter…show more content…
For many parents of today pre-marital sex is immoral and inappropriate. But regardless of what parents has to say, it states by law that once a child is 16, he or she can consent to sex. Lebo is a sixteen year old female who got impregnated by her seventeen year old friend. In their absence they both consented to sex and indulged in adult pleasures. According to Assistant Woodbury County Attorney Dewey Sloan Sr. Sioux City Journal, February 27, 2010 , law says:” Anyone under the age of 13 or younger is unable to legally consent to sex under any circumstance.” Teenage sex will then only be regarded as illegal when a person is under the age of 13 years. Lebo and her partner were over the age of 13, therefor it is not illegal towards…show more content…
Minors under the age of 18 years are, by law, allowed to work. For example minors can work underground in a mine as part of a vocational training programme, but may not be employed at an underground mine until the age of 18. When a child reach the age of 15 he or she may choose to leave school, but Lebo’s partner wish to finish school in two years’ time and thereafter intends to work at a very successful business of his father. President Zuma stated in words in Mail and Guardian, 20 March 2015 “That boys who impregnate their peers will be pulled out of school and be forced to work, and the pregnant girls will be sent far away to Robben Island where they will work and study until they are qualified to come back and work to look after their kids.” Both parents have the duty to support their child in accordance with their respective means. The biological mother of a child, whether married or unmarried, has full responsibilities and rights in respect of her child. The parents of an unmarried minor who has a child, may become legal guardians of that child, but only the High Court can grant full guardianship and only if they believe it is in the best interest of the child. A minor who is pregnant (or recently gave birth) can continue to depend on her parents or legal guardian for financial

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