Pros And Cons Of Television And Family And Parenting

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Television and Family and Parenting Worldwide, it has been proved that, TV is the one of the main means of entertainment for children, which parents can provide them with the affordable cost. The idiot box no longer remains expensive devices as many companies with extensive research are able to come up with the TV sets within ones’ means (Bogart, 1996). Nonetheless, time goes on and adults and children develop the habit of it and it now becomes one of the mandatory “persons” in any family. Then again, many hot debates have been taken place to think over the TV’s future and present impacts (positive and negative) on children and parenting as well. In fact, TV offers diverse programs, such as musical, educational, scientific, and geographical,…show more content…
At the outset, talking about the article’s concerned issues in depth, it has pointed out the pros and cons of the TV in the house with children. It cites one of the grave unhealthy consequences, life-threatening disease, obesity, in children and adults as well because of the TV, which is liked by people and children. In fact, it is found that, people spend most of the time watching TV, without considering its consequences on the health (Johnson et al.,…show more content…
For example, children learn how to fight with brother, sister, friends and neighbors after watching some wrestling programs or animation movie. In fact, it soars up the dormant aggression of the children. Some of the sources have found that, wrestling or fighting scenes in movies or cartoons indeed has an impact on children on a broader scale. It has been observed that, the episode with friendship matter or fighting theme or any other subject in the TV show decides the children’s attitude on that particular day in keeping with the TV series’ subject (Bulman, 2005). Moreover, TV is not only influences the children, but, it touches the adults as well. In the family, many times, ladies are found using tactics on her sister-in-law or mother-in-law, which they watch in the daily serial’s episode with the intention of getting some advantages. Also, males are witnessed being rude and cruel after seeing masculine promoting programs time and again. Unfortunately, a lot of males also exploit females sexually or rape them after watching some sex related programs on TV (Bulman,

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