Pros And Cons Of The 14th Amendment

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Janise Miescke Govt 2305 7/27/2017 What’s It Mean Anyways The Fourteenth Amendment has been under debate for what it was supposed to be interpreted as when it was written, and whether or not the current interpretation was to loose or not. Many factors come in play when deciding what America should do about, not only the immigration epidemic, but more specifically the birthright citizen. It may be time for America to tighten the reins of its free-for-all citizenship when born here, because with new technologies it’s not only being abused by immigrants but by criminals as well. Since the beginning of America and the ground it was built on America has been a hotspot for immigration. Since the first stipulations on immigration were put in place; …show more content…

The most obvious reason is when illegal immigrants come over and give birth to their now American child it does not make them a citizen. This fact starts a roar of issues between conservatives, liberals, humanitarians, and is morally more restrictive for the parents to be deported. When the parents are deported that leaves the child in child protection services jumping from one foster home to another; while their hoping for their parents to come back to the United states, or to be adopted. This is all while costing tax dollars because their parents came over illegally and gave birth with most of them fully expecting for that to happen. Another reason is because the surrounding countries such as Canada and Mexico have much more restrictive laws on citizenship making the United states an even bigger target for birthing tourism. These two reason alone are the vocal point begging for the 14th amendment to be reinterpreted. The 14th amendment is worded to where it would be easy to reinterpret as one senator interprets it “ Sen. 7 Lyman Trumbull of Illinois was, Graglia writes, one of two "principal authors of the citizenship clauses in 1866 act and the 14th Amendment." 8 He said that "subject to the jurisdiction of the United States" 7 meant subject to its "complete" 8 jurisdiction, meaning "not owing allegiance to anybody else." (will) If the 14th amendment were to be reinterpreted it could easily become a law that one parent must be a citizen making it to where one parent isn’t “owing allegiance to anybody else.” There will always be a debate on whether one law or another is giving Justice to America. However, it’s getting to the point where the United states needs to make a change in the immigration department. We owe it to Americans to give loyalty to tax payers and citizens. Right now America is essentially encouraging immigrants to evade taxes, as well as, the companies they are

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