Pros And Cons Of The 18th Amendment

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According to the article "18th Amendment" Ph.D. Prof.J. Hanson David stated, “Congress proposed the 18th Amendment on December 18, 1917. The Senate passed it on that day.The day earlier the House had passed it.The necessary number of states ratified it on January 16, 1919. It went into effect one year later, January 16, 1920. The 21st Amendment repealed the 18th on December 5, 1933.” This was the first amendment that was repealed in all the time, no one has been repealed. In the more than 230 years of the Constitution of the United States.In the United States, an early wave to make state and local prohibition grew out of the intense religious revitalization of the 1820s and 30s, which dealt with movements toward perfectionism in human beings, including abstinence and abolitionism. After the president Hoover spoke about this subject.
President Herbert Hoover called the prohibition "The Noble Experiment" and many observers seemed to agree with this evaluation more than all the religious. They called it "Noble" because the goals of keeping families together and reducing or eliminating alcohol abuse were noble goals for President Hoover. An "experiment" because it was to see if it worked, if people complied with the prohibition. Too many in the country did not see anything wrong with alcohol consumption in moderation.The government and some religions , decided to try to reduce the violence of drunk men in their families because many thought that a man already drunk doesn’t
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