Pros And Cons Of The African-American Civil Rights Movement

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Hello students and parents. You are all invited to an open evening at NTG. NTG is a private school, which means that you have to pay to study there. We are not a regular private school. Our school combines sports with school, with makes school more fun, especially for me. You learn all the same as in a normal school, but we travel a lot and train a lot. We then miss some classes, but this makes you much more independent.
You have to spend some time at home, or when you are out travelling to do homework or your assignments. Even though we are missing many classes, you can still get good grades. Take me as an example. I am a skier and we almost miss half school year, but even under those circumstances, I manage to get very good grades. I
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The fight for the black people`s rights, started in 1954 and ended 1968. This was the African-American Civil Rights Movement, whose goal was to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans, but also to secure their rights. Two of the leading figures in this campaign were Martin Luther King, Jr and Rosa Parks.
Before the civil war, almost four million blacks were denied freedom and they could not vote. When the Civil War was over, three constitutional amendments were passed. The 13th Amendment ended slavery, 14th Amendment gave the African Americans citizenship and the 15th Amendment gave African American males the right to vote. Throughout the years many white did not like the changes that were made, especially Ku Klux Klan, whose members attacked African Americans to maintain the white leadership. As a result of this, life in segregated USA was not
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It all started one morning in Montgomery. She refused to give up her seat on a public bus, to make room for a white passenger. This was against the law and she got arrested. This gave her the nickname “mother of civil rights movement”. After this incident the African-Americans started a Bus Boycott against the public transportation in Montgomery and they demanded that all passengers were equal. Almost the whole population of African Americans in Montgomery participated in the Boycott and it lasted for 381 days.
When Rosa Parks was in jail, Martin Luther King, Jr made his appearance for the first time. He participated in the boycott and succeeded. The District Court banned racial segregation on all the public transportation in Montgomery. In many ways, this particular incident kicked of an international battle to eliminate racial discrimination against black, with King, Jr in the lead. He got arrested over 30 times for his civil rights activities, which strengthen his opinion/case. Rosa Parks helped strengthen the image that King wanted to show the world, and this was a necessary tactic to his

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