The Pros And Cons Of The American Jury System

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Feb. 09, 2018
Should the American jury system still exist? You 're accused of a crime you know you didn 't commit, how would you feel if when you went to court you didn 't get to have a jury to have a better chance of the verdict siding with you, and not get accused of a crime. The judge immediately decides your guilty and you 're put on probation , faced with charges you don 't have the money to pay ,or even get sent to jail. “ The jury system arose in England hundreds of years ago. If there was a crime committed in the community, the accused was brought to a jury. The judge presided over the trial and served as a legal expert… The jury heard the events and accused guilty or not-guilty (Is The American Jury System Still A Good Idea?).” Jury trials should remain an option because because we as Americans have the right of the seventh , jurors are only told 100 percent of proven information, and the jurors are not influenced by media, people, or unproven information to make a decision and the …show more content…

The Seventh Amendment guarantees that a persons accused of a crime can have a trial by jury .Getting rid of the jury system completely disown the Seventh Amendment also the Seventh Amendment protects us and or the persons getting accused of a crime from too much government power and control. So one reason that the government should keep the American jury system is because the Seventh Amendment guarantees trial by jury and keeps the government from gaining too much control. According to John Gastil and Phil Weiser “ the farmers of the united states constitution viewed jury service as a critically important feature of self-governance and enshrined (guaranteed) the right to serve on juries in the seventh amendment (Jury Service). This is just one of many reasons the jury system should still be a role in our nation 's criminal offence

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