Pros And Cons Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The Article of Confederation was created in 1776, after the American revolution. In 1787 The Articles of Confederation was re-written during The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. The reason for rewriting it was because of it being a weak central government. No one person was allowed all the power in fear of being like the British. The Congress at the time was made up of one delegate from the thirteen states. they shared the same amount of power hence being federalists. They were terrified of being like the monarchy they so despised, like the king of Britain. They didn't have a proper economy to support them in pay back the debts they owed due to the wars and alliances they had. So, they decided to tax their people, but it ended up backfire due to Shays rebellion. Eleven years of this monstrosity In 1788 three authors wrote a collection of eighty-five articles and essay to the new York new paper. Their goal was to persuade people to promote the ratification of The Constitution by stating the benefits it would have on them. They called it the Federalist Paper. That is eighty-five …show more content…

Hamilton says a government is weak without its people, and how American countries could easily be invaded due to poor security. In between Spanish territory and American by the Mississippi River. America was too weak to fight back that the Spanish took over the river and used it for trading. Alexander says those who disagree the new constitution do not want to see a sufficient government. He implies that we should have a more robust central government, and how the Constitution can provide that. The main goal is to construct a more stable military forced to fight against neighboring enemies. He says how the federal government does not have the power to make laws nor collect taxes. That how other states laws cannot intervene with other states. And if all fails the countries will eventually fall in

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