Pros And Cons Of The Articles Of Confederation

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The Articles of the Confederation was written in the beginning, because the citizens of America feared the government. The people wanted a new system that was organized and protected its people from Wars, attacks, and most importantly a stronger and reliable economy. In my opinion, there were more weaknesses than strengthens: 1. Congress lacked the power to collect taxes. 2. There was no judicial branch. 3. Each state had their own currency so there was no stable national currency. 4. The government couldn’t pay its debts. 5. There was no executive leader to make sure laws are followed. Due to the absence of power, shown and given by Congress that blocked the central government of having its authority and power. The Articles of the Confederation had multiple issues that turned into weaknesses in which the creation of the Constitution was built in the first place. There were a good …show more content…

To resolve these issues the Constitution created the federal government and also with three different types of branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. As a result, without this, the government court framework would not have been able to have any real way to authorize these new laws. Do I think that the country we live in today is in need of a revolution? I would have to say no because a revolution would send this country right back into unemployed citizen and a depression. Why put a bigger burden on this country when this nation is finally going in the right direction. Besides our current president. I think the American Constitution is the at its best when it has as ever been written. This nation was built off of love, liberty, and freedom. For everyone to be equally looked at, no matter your color, race, culture, and ethnicity. People from other countries

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