Pros And Cons Of The Articles Of Confederation

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Liberty Sumners 712 The Articles of Confederation were a great change to our Government. With time spent using this system, we realized the weaknesses associated with it. This lead to the Constitutional Convention being convened on 1787 in Philadelphia. We needed to find out what was weakening our Government. Major issues had to be solved. One thing we needed to do was conceiving a solution for the relationship between the National and State Government. Another problem would be the representation in Congress. We later solved this with two compromises, the ⅗ compromise and the Great Compromise. As said before, the Articles of Confederation had many imperfections. They gave the National Government too much power and the State Government hardly had any individual power. We solved …show more content…

The Great Compromise’s origin was from the creation of two men, Edmund Randolph (Virginia) and William Paterson (New Jersey). They both thought of one plan of how each state would be represented in Congress. Both plans were named from where they started from, Virginia and New Jersey. The Virginia plan entailed a Bicameral Legislature, a legislature with two house/chambers. It said that representation would be based on state population in both houses. It also took into consideration people’s interest in populated areas. The New jersey plan was based of Unicameral Legislature, which is a legislature with one chamber/house. It gave states equal representation in one house. It also took into consideration the right of the states and help protected less populated areas. As well, they made a compromise and created the Great Compromise. It included a Bicameral Legislature and according to Document 2, “Gave representation based on population in the lower chamber and gave states equal representation in the upper chamber”. It also combined both of the Virginia Plan’s interests and New Jersey Plan’s

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