Pros And Cons Of The Aztecs

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As a young conquistador coming to a strange land that has a large pyramid with thousands of people surrounding it as they were chanting and yelling while looking toward the very top of the stairs that led to the top of the pyramid. You see people at the top and notice how they are cutting out the hearts of these human sacrifices and tossing them down the stairs. You stare in horror and notice what a terrible and cruel place you have come across. There was human sacrifice going on and gruesome wars over land that ultimately led to more and more death. But then you take another look around and see their agriculture and all the amazing irrigation systems they have set up and you 're completely shocked about how well their farming systems are. You come to the conclusion that there society/civilization has its flaws and its benefits and that its neither bad or good.…show more content…
They were very brutal fighters they showed no mercy towards their foe’s they did whatever it took to win the war (Doc 1). They were land hungry people that wanted to expand their empire. Their capital was Tenochtitlan this is where they would take most of their prisoners to perform human sacrifice rituals towards idol’s that represented their gods. Most of the Aztec’s army was commoners. All men in aztec society were given some form of military training so that they could join the army in their warlike society so that they could fight for the empire or even in a flower war to provide for the human sacrifice supply(Doc 1). If a warrior was killed in battle they would perform a ceremony and burn there body right there on the battlefield instead of taking the body back to a city-state for

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