Pros And Cons Of The Berlin Wall Essay

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In life, there are always walls that you run into, preventing you from moving forward. In history, this wall was a literal struggle for millions of German citizens after World War II. A nation promised to be free from tyranny, was split apart into East and West Germany by the Berlin Wall. Life between East and West Germany were polar opposites from each other, which eventually led to conflict and bloodshed. This three-decade wall stood, depriving people of freedom, life and liberty. It wasn’t until November 9th, when this barricade fell, that peace was restored to Germany. In honour of the lives lost, the symbolism of the wall and the preserving promise of democracy, I believe that Congress should make the fall of the Berlin Wall a national holiday. First, I think that November 9th should be a national holiday in honour of the lives lost due to the Berlin Wall. East Berliners and West Berliners lived contrary lives. The East had limited personal freedoms, a non-competitive…show more content…
The United States, France and English sought for a capitalist, free-market economies while the Soviet Union wanted obedient, communist nations. This difference divided Germany, creating a blockade between the two. This Iron Curtain blocked all trade between East and West Germany with the intention to prevent travel as well. The East Germans were deprived of freedoms, a competitive market and ultimately suffered economically and politically. On the other hand, the West Germans thrived with high salaries, personal freedoms and an overall liberal union. The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the peace between the two opposite ends of society, communism, and capitalism. It proved that a nation divided was not successful, and only lead to conflict in addition to casualty. At the end of the day, all this does it teach us that when we are divided, we do not thrive, we only
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