Pros And Cons Of The Black Death

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I. There are numerous amounts of diseases all over the world. In present time, these diseases are cured or contained by vaccines. A couple centuries ago, doctor Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine in 1796. He discovered this vaccine by observing his ambience. Jenner realized that milkmaids (tend to cattle) usually contracted Cowpox, but after they recovered they were immune to the deadlier disease Small Pox. So Jenner said, “Why not infect people with Cowpox to confer immunity to the more dangerous disease.” With his research, he got the pus from a milkmaid who had Cowpox and put it on a small healthy eight-year-old boys cut. Eventually, the boy was infected with Cowpox, how Jenner predicted. When he was done recovering, Jenner took the riskiest step there is. Jenner…show more content…
The Bubonic Plague or Black Death was one of Europe’s worst catastrophes in the fourteenth century. This disease resulted in millions of casualties.

A. In present time, vaccines have now made this disease account for barely any deaths. Before the use of vaccines, the plague killed more than half of its victims.

1. This epidemic was called the Black Death, because the victims faces after death are a dark color.
2. The Black Death found its way to Europe from China. It devastated Europe with more than 25 million deaths, which was around one-third of Europe’s population. This made it Europe’s worst epidemic in history.
3. In the eighteenth century the Black Death just ceased and stopped killing as many people as before, but nobody knows why. It soon found its way all over the world. The production of vaccines cut the death rate by a big chunk. Presently, there are only 200 deaths yearly, due to bad sanitation, mainly in Africa. V. It can take a long time to create a vaccine, taking mostly around ten to fifteen years, involving multiple tests.

A. When the nineteenth century was over there were many vaccines that had been developed, but there was no government oversight on the

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