Pros And Cons Of The Civil War

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The war between the North and the South, also known as the Civil War, was pivotal event for black suffrage and helped shape our modern day society. Although it caused a tragic loss of American life due to discordant values, the Civil War was a necessary evil as the United States would be unrecognizable if it hadn’t. This paper will discuss the multifaceted instigators of the Civil War, the tactical advantages and disadvantages of each dissenting side, and the effects of the war on the daily lives of the Confederate civilians. While the elimination of slavery is often cited as the principal motivation to start the Civil War, there were several other cultural, political, economic. and ideological factors that were major contributions. One of the most understated, yet powerful, causes of the Civil War was the publication of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Harriet …show more content…

The benefits and drawbacks of the two were antithetical; where one was strong, the other was weak. The Confederacy had a strong morale, its soldiers were equipped with knowledge of the area, many of the most preeminent military officers were from the South, and the South’s soldiers had pre-existing skills that prepared them for war. However, its disadvantages were that the Confederacy had few factories to produce supplies, had few railroads to move troops and supplies, and had a small population able to fight. In contrast, the Union had a copious amount of factories due to its high involvement in industry, had more than 70% of the nation’s railroads, had a larger free population, and had a strong navy. The source of the Unions predicaments lay in the fact that the area of land that needed to be reacquired was ambitious and the Union was in unfamiliar territory which resulted in a lack of morale. It is clear that when one takes these factors into consideration, the North had the

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