Pros And Cons Of The Code Of Hammurabi

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The Code of Hammurabi
The Code of Hammurabi is the first law in the human history recorded to today. This is the first time human have regulations in the society. The gist of the code is like a revenge theory: eye for eye. However, people keep debating the pros and cons of this code when it was created. Some people think this code represented justice and fairness in the society which contribute to the stability and prosperity of the society. On the contrary, some people think the purpose of this code is to enhance the power of the ruling class. Both of them have their supporting facts and theories, so it is hard to decide whether the code plays a positive role in the human history or not. I choose three pieces of law form the code which represent the intension of the code in order to determine if it is inclined to justices or to governance. I analyze these law based on the indications-the apply/benefit group of people, the fairness of the law, the practice of the law. This code had significant contribution to the human history because it form the primitive legal system in the society. Though some people regard it as the governors’ weapons, it indeed contributes to the human development.

One of the law stated that: If a man accused another for lying a death pulls upon him, but he has not proved it, he shall be put into death. This law is aim to punish the man who intended to harm the innocent people. In addition, the man will be regarded as the disease of the society which
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