Pros And Cons Of The Cold War

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The Arduous Struggle Against Communism The Cold War was not the stereotypical war, instead, it involved many different strategies and approaches to try and resolve a conflict between two great powers. Although the United States and Soviets had fought together during World War II, they soon entered a time of pressure between the two, better known as the Cold War. The textbook explains the policy of containment as a way of fighting communism with the use of the military, military aid, and economic aid(Ayers,et al 819). The three presidents that were in office during the Cold War preferred using different aspects of the policy and each president’s mistakes helped influence the next president 's choices. Before the Cold War, Truman had been the one to make the final decision to use the first nuclear bomb and he saw the devastation it had brought with it. Eisenhower formerly was a general in the U.S. military. He believed that Truman’s preferred methods didn’t go far enough. During his time in office, Kennedy brought new ideas and methods in combating communism. Although each president’s style varied from each other, they were all trying to reach a common goal. The main objective was to stop the spread of communism and each president fought it differently, Truman favored economic aid, Eisenhower preferred to use the military, and Kennedy liked to be flexible between all of the options.

Truman was the first president to be in office during the Cold War. As a result
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