The Pros And Cons Of Death Penalty

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When people commit into crime or offenses seriously, they should be sentenced to be punished as a result of death. This is the definition of death penalty. Nowadays, there are many kinds of sanctions to punish those criminals and death penalty is definitely the most cruel and extreme one. Some people think a government should ban the existence of death penalty in a country because such penalty is a symbol of disregarding of human rights. Other people consider death penalty as a effective way to prevent revenge by those criminals and threaten other offenders in order to keep the order of society. From my point of view, there’s no absolute right or wrong to judge one thing and we can only get a justified conclusion from comparing the opposite two sides. Before debating the two sides, I would like to use the information from The State of Arizona Office of the Attorney General to introduce the…show more content…
Is it really possible that a killer will be more deterred by the risk of the death penalty than by having to spend the rest of his life in prison? The claim fails the test of common sense. Criminologists and police chiefs say the death penalty just doesn't influence murderers -- partly because its application is so haphazard. Although some people say the purpose of punishment is not only just to deter but also to retribute. However, this does not justify the idea that a person should be killed because of killing other just like a rapist should also be rapped. Besides, the difference between revenge and retribution is that retribution should be restrained and measured. Therefore, death penalty should not be allowed as it fails to act and fulfill the original expectation( Bloomberg). Every coin has two sides. If some people agree with one side, there must be another group of people disagree with this
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