Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty Reform

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How and why should the federal death penalty law be reformed? Even the the death penalty seems to be a popular topic recently we have technically been using the death penalty since the 18th century but the US has only been using it since 1608. The first state to use it is Virginia and it was used to execute Captain George Kendall. Its estimated that 4.1 percent of the people we killing with the federal death penalty law are actually innocent. Even tho that percentage continues to increase, as a country we are ignoring the fact we could be killing innocent people. Although over the past years the death penalty rate is decreasing the rate of us killing the innocent is still increasing drastically. shouldn't we still be able to punish people for committing extreme crimes? Or heighten taxes to try and help these killers get back into society? Do they deserve a second chance?…show more content…
They also think that they should have to pay for their actions and face the consequences for killing an innocent person or people. Although giving someone a life sentence is a financial burden for the state that the person is being held in, most americans feel it's something they are willing to pay extra for on taken to ensure the safety of their homes and where they live. When holding someone on death row it costs the state over 1 million dollars per person and that money is usually taken out of taxes or government money. Over all death penalty supporters feel like keeping a killer alive with there tax money isn't fair to them and they shouldn't get the satisfaction of living their own life even if its a crappy one cause they took that from somebody

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