Pros And Cons Of The Democratic Party

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If you ask a Republican about the Democratic Party, the majority of the time something positive will not come out of their mouths. However, there are several pros to the Democratic Party that Republicans will either refuse to accept or speak about. The pros of the Democratic Party are their stance on marriage equality, belief in science and global warming, and defending of women’s right to have an abortion. Democrats possess several positive aspects of their party that they unfortunately do not receive credit for, despite helping the country’s citizens especially gays and women. Let us not forget all Democrats have done for the environment, including protecting the air that we breathe. One of the positive aspects of the Democratic Party…show more content…
The main reason for Democrats defending the legalization of gay marriage is because they don’t bring in a religious aspect or bias. Religion has been the backbone of numerous anti-gay marriage views as many hate, conservative, and homophobic groups have used this excuse to attempt to deny gay people the right to marry the person they love. However, Democrats follow the separation of church and state; therefore, they have chosen to defend gay people and their right to get married as there is practically no justifiable or medical reason that proves that being gay is not right or gay people cannot raise children as properly. Democrats also understand that there are certain rights and benefits that gay people were denied before the legalization of gay marriage. The rights and benefits include tax breaks, custody of both parents in adopting, and being able to visit one’s spouse while one is in the hospital.…show more content…
Many people question the morality of abortion and several religious aspects come into play about the legalization of abortion. However, the separation of church and state makes any religious aspect invalid when it comes to legalizing anything. Furthermore, Democrats feel that abortion can be justified in cases such as rape or when a woman’s health is endangered and even teen pregnancy, so women should have the right to an abortion. Though deciding to get an abortion can be a very difficult decision, Democrats have agreed that this decision should be between a woman and her doctor without government interference, specifically Republican men who will never be faced with this decision and have no medical experience. This is why Democrats call it “women’s right to choose” and not “Republican’s right to deny” when it comes to abortion since it is about women specifically. Republicans have proposed partial birth abortions, which is a very high-risk procedure, and it is often not recommended by doctors or even accepted as an actual medical procedure. Democrats, however, reject the Republican Party’s “partial birth abortion” proposal, and they were successfully able to outlaw that proposal and make unconstitutional on several occasions. “Note: the term “partial birth abortion” does not exist in medicine” (1). This only gives validation to claims that Republicans are ignorant
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