Pros And Cons Of The Dinosaurs

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Ever since the knowledge about the existence of the gigantic living forms has been perceived by human kind, our ever-curious mind has arisen several baffling questions about them – THE DINOSAURS. One of the most debated issues about the dinosaurs is their thermoregulatory system. As much as it has aroused our tickling mind, it has also given way to different hues of thoughts leading to a bedlam of discussions. In the following discussion, I have tried to brush against some of them through counter- arguments. ECTOTHERMY OR ENDOTHERMY? Before taking, any side of the discussion one has to keep in mind that the dinosaurs existed in a world very different from ours. The Triassic period was hot and dry, much in contrast to the Jurassic and Cretaceous period, which was hot, humid and balmy with rainforest-like characteristics prevailing, even the mountain peaks are said to be hot. Many scientists hold this as an argument for cold-blooded as high temperature would have favoured ectothermy. However, those who believe that mountains and higher latitudes had ice covers, and dinosaur fossils have been found there, says it is impossible for an ectotherms to survive in such cold climate. The likes of these people also tend to believe that dinosaurs perished during the ice age mainly due to lack of food rather than freezing temperatures. Below are some points taken from journals in support of either concept: 1. BONE EVIDENCES: Extensive studies have been done on fossil records and in a
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