Pros And Cons Of The Divine Command Theory

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Human beings have been always taught that in life is important to live according to moral principles and ethics. But why be moral is important,to answer this question many people across the entire universe rely upon religion. This is what philosophers called the Divine Command Theory meaning that actions should be considered morally good if they were commanded by God. This theory is still very controversial because some criticize the theory but others defend it by making connections between religion and ethics. This topic let us think the nature of moral deliberation for example what one religion can see an action as to be morally good but a different religion might see it different. So, which of the religions should be take it as base to considers actions to be morally good or wrong. Therefore, the Divine Command Theory of Morality can have advantages, for example if you obey God’s commands you will be rewarded but if you disobey you will be punished, but it also have disadvantages starting from Euthyphro’s dilemma leading this theory…show more content…
This problem with the theory mean that if God were to command something cruel, wrong for example rape, kill then it possibly becomes to be morally good. That is the reason this is wrong because if this were true that God command this atrocities then the Divine Command Theory would not be true for people because how can God command those acts. For example in one person is accused for murder and his reason for doing those terrible acts is because God commands him to most people this acts doesn’t seem to be true so then they will questions the theory and ask themselves if really what God commands is morally right. Therefore, to take out this problem from the theory philosophers might say that God is only able to command certain types of acts because he cannot command those atrocities because God is morally
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