Pros And Cons Of The Federal Amendment

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Federal Amendment: Article II Presidency The 2000 election between Bush and Gore adopted the nickname of the stolen election of 2000 due to the outcome that led to Bush’s win without having the popular vote. The possibility of the loser of the popular vote to potentially still win the electoral vote and overall the presidential candidacy is an issue. The framers of the constitution included the Electoral College in order to serve as a common ground between the states. However, this system is flawed in terms of the regulation of one person equal one vote. This was proven otherwise in the stolen election of 2000, in which Bush won the candidacy by the 25 Florida electoral votes. This outcome did not serve as an effective system for modern presidency. It makes American’s question whether or not their vote actually counts, in comparison to the votes of the electors they choose to represent their states. If someone who wins the popular vote of the people but not of the electoral loses how exactly does this allow the people to feel comfortable about making a difference with their own vote when the ultimate decision is not left up to them but the Electoral…show more content…
One reason that the framers of the constitution included the Electoral College is because they believed people will only vote for people in their own states and basically play favorites. However, in modern democracy it is evident that this system no longer benefits entirely the people of the states’. It must be modified because the restrictions that vary state to state through each election is now unnecessary in today’s society. In a presidential election an electoral vote should count the same as a popular vote no matter the circumstances. The states that remain mutual in a presidential candidacy election, where the populations are evenly divided causes an issue of winning the state

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