Pros And Cons Of The Fourth Amendment

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Throughout the history of American Constitution, almost 5000 amendments have been introduced in the Congress. However only 27 amendments have been ratified by the Congress[1].The first ten amendments to the Constitution of the U.S. were passed and ratified in December 1791 by the Congress. The document was written and codified by the Founding Father, James Madison. The second part of amendments was adopted separately. It was a historical moment since after such resolutions the lives of American citizens have changed incredibly. Their liberties were significantly extended. They became independent in expressing their opinions, getting the protection of their rights and freedom. Contemporary American society cannot even imagine that many years…show more content…
The rule is intended to prevent police officers from violating the rights granted by the Fourth Amendment. Thus, evidence obtained by the police that violates the Fourth Amendment cannot be used to convict someone accused of a crime. Some people think that without this rule, the Fourth Amendment would not make sense. As with many other legal rules, this rule has several exceptions. In the Supreme Court relied on the rule of "good faith" holding that the evidence obtained by the officers conducting inquiries based on a "good faith" court order that is subsequently found to be deficient is also admissible. The evidence would also be unusable if the officer prepared a judicial order under a sworn statement in a dishonest or negligent manner, if the magistrate who granted it abandons his neutrality, or if the court order lacks sufficient specificity. The Leon case only applies to search warrants. It is not clear whether the "good faith" exception applies to court orders about inquiries in other contexts. The 8 of January of 1974 , the Supreme Court ruled that the decisions of a grand jury can be based on alleged illegal evidence obtained in the cross-examination of a witness, because to argue otherwise would interfere with the independence of the grand jury, and the time to request the illegality of a search is after the defendant is
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