Pros And Cons Of The French Revolution

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The French revolution is considered to be the most significant and effective event in the history. It changed the lives of many peoples and changed the future. Since people of France were under the control of the King they wanted to get rid of French government to eliminate power of the king. There were numerous other factors that also lead the French to the revolution. There were also many social unfairness among the taxes between the estates. Also the 3rd Estate peoples were fighting for justice because they were the people who suffered the most pain and lived the poverty life. The French revolution would not have happened unless the king kept and used his power carefully and handling economic, social, and political situations instead of…show more content…
They had an election between all the Estate and everyone got to choose and the result was shocking. The King got executed by a very close result; the king got executed by 1 more vote. After king got executed by a very close result some people thought they were free now from absolute monarchy but other people knew there is a big war coming up. Their politic power was all gone and more people start dying because Robespierre stood up and started to execute every person who was going against revolution or did something bad or broke a law. Still need a conclusion Overall would all of the revolution be considered a success or a failure? In my opinion it’s good that French revolution happened because People got their right, they don’t have to pay much taxes anymore, they are not under absolute monarch anymore, and they don’t have to steal bread to feed their families. If the revolution had not happened there would have been still an absolute monarch and most people in France would not have their right. Also throughout the whole revolution many people lost their lives to fight for their
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