Pros And Cons Of The Giver Debate

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The Giver- Debate In the book ‘The Giver’, by Lois Lowry, it describes living a life that is strange and different. Conformity unites a society and makes it a safer place to live while individualism weakens it. For me that’s not true because, they can’t feel love and they can’t hear or feel music and they take pills so they can’t have emotions. They do this so they can be safe and nothing bad can happen. There are rules they must follow and if they break a rule then they get released and trust me, to be released is a bad thing. One of the main things are that they can’t lie, but I think everyone should lie occasionally, so they can protect themselves and sometimes lying is important, it just depends on the situation. In the community it isn’t a safer place to be than reality, because when everyone is the same they can’t be who they want to be. Also, you can’t feel pain but feeling pain is a good thing because if you can’t feel pain then you’re not real, well that’s what I believe. Feeling emotions are amazing and why would anyone want to take that away? You can feel love and love is an incredible feeling. You can hear music and the sound of music is to calm you down and make you relaxed if your stressed or feeling low. Living in reality is a place where you can be free and do what you want, instead of being trapped in one place and getting told what to do all the time. Sometimes I find that individualism doesn’t weaken it because being induvial is a good thing, it just
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