Essay On The Pros And Cons Of The Industrial Revolution

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In the 1860’s new resources were exploited leading to a wider range of improvements and opportunities. These new natural resources caused rapid economic growth, but at a cost. There were many pros and cons, which resulted in a substantial need for change. The industrial revolution aimed to increase the GDP, which it did, and create more jobs for the growing population. The newly made factories came with many jobs, but compelled men to work long hours with low pay in horrid conditions. The Progressive Era fixed many of the problems that came along with the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution increased the production of manufactured products from $1.8 billion in 1859 to $13 billion in 1899. This time period of new technology, transportation, and power resources appealed to many immigrants. The United States population was increasing rapidly causing xenophobia among Americans. Americans feared their jobs would be taken by the new immigrants. Although Americans were already working long hours with low pay, immigrants could do the same unskilled labor but at a lower price. The new businesses and factories being made caused lots of competition among the wealthy. America witnessed its first millionaires in this time period. These millionaires consists of robber barons and contemptuous consumers. The robber barons intense search for wealth led to corrupt businesses and cutthroat competition.…show more content…
Women were finally beginning to receive recognition by having jobs. Children were receiving the education they needed. And men received a larger pay with a 10 hour work day. Government reform gave Americans more of a voice in electing their legislators and creating laws, power was being removed from the wealthy, and women and children were getting the rights they finally deserved. The Progressive Era represented an immense changed compared to the Industrial
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