Pros And Cons Of The Internet

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"The freedom to think and speak freely in this country, and the right to an opinion that disagrees with our leaders and fellow americans, comes the reality that these freedoms allow us to see not only great minds at work, but, the minds of those we would rather pretend doesn 't exist. The internet is a spectacular creation of technology. We have the ability to access information in seconds and communicate with people all over the world. Sadly, this idea is often used to facilitate the crimes that can destroy people 's lives. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Terrorism indicated in a 2012 study that almost every reporting agency that dealt with terrorism, noted that the internet was used to communicate and coordinate the attacks. The Department of Homeland Security has told us that as long as we continue to become more dependent on modern technology, the more vulnerable we become to the criminals that commit cybercrimes like fraud, theft, and abuse. There are also the viruses that are being created and even proper virus protection is unable to protect us from these attacks. The worst crimes, are the ones committed against children, with the internet being used as a primary tool to find victims. Rather it’s bullying, kidnapping, or human trafficking, the internet has allowed predators a new way of locating potential victims by interacting with them through the web, using websites such as facebook and twitter,as a means of communicating and manipulating children into

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