Pros And Cons Of The Judicial System

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When I hear the words judicial system I think of people age 18 or older and committed a heinous crime. However, in the U.S. that is not the case. The U.S. is known for having the highest rate of children imprisonment. The system force children to become what the system identify them as which is another statistic. In my opinion, the judicial system is slavery just in a different form because the U.S. is making money off of them, stripping them of their humanity, and giving them no type of hope for the future. I believe the U.S. knew what they were creating when they formed these laws. Laws appear to serve the whites, wealthy, and well-educated folks instead of everyone. Furthermore, prosecutors know when they charge minors as adults it is only going to generate more recidivism and more serious offenses. Hence, preventing children from receiving student loans, jobs, and business license. So yes, the system does treat juvenile too much as adults because once convicted it causes huge barriers for them in the long run. Minorities come from different backgrounds, families, and particular areas. I state this because it is more difficult for children that live in gang related or high crime areas versus those living in a suburban area,…show more content…
Race should not matter being a black does not mean they are little adults, that is races. I would have thought the opposite of blacks given the history blacks are supposed to be "ignorant things" that do not know any better, while whites of any age were looked as little adults for being such a "superior race". Solitary confinement is torture causes mental breakdown at any age but more damage in minors. Once they are released their total mindset is destroyed and their whole childhood was taken away. I think there should be other ways to discipline young teens before sending them to jail or being charged as an
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