Pros And Cons Of The Military

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Many counties have required national service and they forcing young people to join to military for example United Arab Emirates welcomed to this service to give the native chance to serve their country. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid explained, the UAE’s “message to the world is a message of peace; the stronger we are, the stronger our message”(The national, 2014). There are advantages and disadvantages for Conscription and this essay will argue that the national service should be an obligation for every citizen men in the UAE and all the country, this is because every county has to make their own military.

Every county has to make their own military .The Conscription brings positive effects on the society. First of all, crime is reduced when young people join to the military. Military services can be seen to weaken crime in societies because there are many rules of entering the military has a big influence in reducing in the crime and the young people will think about sequences before do any crime (Galiani & Schargrodsky, 2006, p.2)
Moreover, Conscription treats many problems such as, unemployment and Military plan can increase the opportunity of Emiratisation by offering job opportunities. The strategy also can raise the employment because of the skills they learn from military experience. Many people who are not well educated but they get experiences from military, also they have benefits for UAE locals who join to military such as having the precedence in

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