Pros And Cons Of The Perry Preschool Program

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The Perry Preschool Program began in the early 1960s as an early childhood education program in Ypsilanti, Michigan, by the Perry Elementary School. The school was broadly mentioned for its work in supporting deprived African- American children (Youth) whose livelihood was in a undesirable state of affairs and a low socioeconomic status category. Those who met these two criteria only were qualified to join the Perry program. The Children’s cognitive and socio-emotional advancements were widely supported and nurtured through vigorous learning with accounts of both teachers and children interactions playing a key role in embracing children 's educational goals and attainment levels. The cost of the initial program per child was about $17,759 per…show more content…
As I examined the pros and cons of UPK it became very clear that there are many similarities to the Perry Program with similar benefits which President Barack Obama talked about in his State of the Union Speech in February of 2013. He proposed high quality UPK early childhood initiative program to reduce inequality among classes, bring down crime rate, and improve support for families that cannot afford to pay for highly priced childcare programs. It is true that children who are nurtured properly and supported in a proper educational setting in the case UPK are proven to have high vocabulary, more regulation as well as social and emotional skills and are motivated to keep learning. So there are lots of benefits. People who have done studies in this field found that these children do not engage in risky behaviors, stay away from the juvenile justice and penal system, get good paying jobs and are able to keep their…show more content…
In New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was very instrumental in getting the Governor, Andrew Cuomo to foot the cost for free full day high quality UPK program and it is no different from the that of President Obama or the Perry Preschool Program at all because the long term cost benefits and the objects are in the same vain which is to provide a program that can assist families and children prepare for the future. Here is the YouTube video by Mayor Bill de Blasio. I fell that it captures what I have mentioned. Hope you like

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